P-10 S P10S

CZ P-10 S
CZ P-10 S CZ P-10 S
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The CZ P-10 S is another variant of the successful series of pistols with a linear striker. Its subcompact dimensions are ideal for concealed carry, making it a perfect model for personal defence or a back-up gun for armed forces personnel. Despite the smaller size, this pistol offers the same shooting comfort and user-friendliness as its Full Size version. The basic version of this pistol features a 12-round 9x19 cal. magazine, a superior capacity for its category.

Key advantages:

  • Ergonomics of the controls and grip
  • Refined behaviour during shooting
  • Suitable for concealed carry
  • Superior magazine capacity in its category
  • Identical handling and drill to other models from the CZ P-10 family
Read More : https://www.czub.cz/en/produkty/pistole/subcompact/cz-p-10-s.html

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