P226 X-Series P226_X-SERIES_40

P226 X-Series
X-Five SuperMatch 9mm
X-Five SuperMatch .40 S&W
X-Six SuperMatch 9mm
X-Six SuperMatch .40 S&W
P226 X-Five Allround 9mm
P226 X-Five Allround .40 S&W
P226 X-Five SO SAO 9mm All Black
X-Short Classic 9mm
X-Short Classic .40 S&W
P226 X-Five Classic 9mm
X-Five Classic .40 S&W
X-Six Classic 9mm
X-Six Classic .40 S&W
X-Short Supermatch 9mm
X-Short Supermatch .40 S&W
X-Five Open 9mm
X-Short Skeleton 9mm
X-Five Skeleton SAO
X-Six Skeleton SAO
Conversion kit .22 for all P226 models, with Micrometer Visier, incl. magazine
2.250,00 €

*This Product requires special licensing

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